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Born in Lebanon, a country where western culture subtly blends with its Arabian and Mediterranean heritage; Sari El Khazen struggled to find a sense of belonging as a child; still never really identifies with any specific cultural heritage or custom, and prefers solitude, where he would draw and sketch his own reality.

The outbreak of war in Lebanon did not help mend his confusion, nor did the frequent fleeing for him and his family’s safety to France; which at a certain point led Sari to identify more as French or European, than Middle-Eastern and Lebanese.

20 years of war has a major impact on young Sari’s perception of life, the human suffering, the injustice, luckily, coming from an aristocratic background, sari was able to dodge the darkest days of Lebanon civil war by flying quit frequently to Europe. Sari moved to the United States pursuing his college education in Architecture. A discipline that allowed him to join his interest in social behavior, and people’s diverse lifestyles, to his passion for drawing.

Far away from Lebanon, he started developing the symptoms of a feeling commonly portrayed as home sickness; feelings of melancholy and nostalgia invaded his soul, reinforcing an up-until-now embryo of patriotism that included a mixture of French, Mediterranean, Arabian, Eastern and Western, Christian and Islamic cultures; a diversity of influences that try to describe Lebanon’s complex web of traditions, which oddly come together in one, and only one very specific identity: the Lebanese; which unfortunately, as all traditions, will end up being a weight on his shoulders openness and wider horizons.

Sari graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Architecture, and a Master’s degree in Architectural and Urban Design from the esteemed Columbia University in New York, being awarded best final project.

He started his firm, Sari EI Khazen Architects, in 2003. Simultaneously, started teaching at the University of the Holy Spirit (USEK), and at the Lebanese American University (LAU) and the American university of science and technology AUST. Read More


Founded in late 2003, early 2004, Sari el Khazen Architects and Partners is one of the most prestigious architecture firms in Lebanon today. With a regional and international recognition; a significant number of projects have been reviewed by industry press and published by international media and institutions.

Sari el Khazen Architects and Partners believes in creativity, invests in talents and motivates its employees towards action, encouragement, accomplishment and optimism.

At the heart of the company is a unique team of experienced architects, innovators and ACAD specialists. We create solutions that leverage technology to improve the comfort and delight of our customers.

Our philosophy is built on a commitment to long-term relationships, scalable solutions and optimizing the cost of deployment. We utilize in-depth and ongoing consultations along with evolving solutions to best respond to your immediate and future tastes and needs.


Sari El Khazen

Philippe Daher
Junior Partner/ Business Development Manager

Wissam Abi Khalil
Studio Director

Roland Helou
Senior Interior Architect

Adel Dagher
Lead Designer

Namir AI Andary
Project Architect

Gilles Samaha
Senior Architect

Fadia Matta
BD Visualiser

Reem Itani
Interior Architect

Sirine Chaker
Project Interior Architect

Krystel Wehbe

Interior Architect

Rashad Salame

Sally Saleh
Executive Secretary